VISU Greenline+

An innovation which sets energy efficiency and user safety to a completely new level

VISU Greenline+ is an unprecedented operating system for fume cupboards. It is an innovation that revolutionizes the energy efficiency of fume cupboards and sets user safety to a completely new level.


  • Many times the sash of the fume cupboard is left open at the end of the day, which increases the energy consumption many times over.
  • The sash is unnecessarily high when working, because the user cannot visually detect the limits of safe working or energy consumption, making it practically impossible to react to the issue with current technology.
  • Users change, and agreed practices tend to be forgotten in a human way. A matter is not perceived as important if its importance cannot be perceived.

General presentation of the solution

The core idea of the system is to guide and direct the user to the correct operation of the fume cupboard sash intuitively without special training or reminders. Learning happens along with use.

The direct benefit is improved user safety and energy savings, which start immediately and permanently. The system is visible to the user in the side profile of the fume cupboard as a glowing color light guide.

The system consists of three main components: AutoClose, VisualGuide and the New User Panel, as well as their intelligent integration into the Visu fume cupboard and the Fanison adjustment system. International patents have been applied for this advanced solution.


The sash of the fume cupboard closes automatically when the fume cupboard is not in use. In this case, energy is saved, as the air flow of the sash opening is correspondingly reduced. The AutoClose function starts based on the presence sensor, the delay of the function is adjustable. The user can disable the feature if he wishes. The sash is equipped with a sensor that detects an obstacle, so automatic descent does not cause dangerous situations. The sash is operated by hand and due to the innovative structure, this is particularly light and pleasant.


The vertical sliding profile of the fume cupboard has informative visual guidance, which increases user safety and guides the user to save energy. When moving the fume cupboard’s sash, the side light guides the user to place the sash at a safe level. The system is intelligent and can predict the adequacy of the air flow and refine the estimate based on possible changes.

Color explanations:

  • Green = Normal, Recommended working height of the sash, the air flow is sufficient to protect the user, but on the other hand energy efficient, because the sash is only moderately open.
  • Yellow = Economy, The sash is open more than recommended, which consumes more energy. However, the airflow is sufficient to protect the user.
  • Red = Alarm, Air flow is not sufficient to protect the user.
  • For users with abnormal color vision, the status information is also reported on the system screen and with audio alarms.

User panel Fanison FHI 380

Color display: Informs about the system status
– In normal use, a separate user manual is not required.

Emergency button, suction is set to full power.

Ventilation economy mode.
– Can be used, e.g., during the construction of constructions that will come inside the fume cupboard

Audio alarm muting.

AutoClose pause.

Control and automation of the interior light of the fume cupboard.

Why Greenline+ ?

  • Pioneering – Patented novelty for you
  • Occupational safety for the modern age
  • Life cycle economics
  • Reduces the carbon footprint of the operation
  • Create a platform for peak performance

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