VISU® Deco shelving system

Shelving system that is easy to install

  • The VISU Deco shelving system provides an easy-to-use and modifiable solution without compromising on quality and load-bearing capacity.
  • The system’s load-bearing capacity is excellent despite its light appearance. It does not include any weak solutions, causing, for example, a wall rail to bend or a mounting bracket to break. Neither does the rail solution place a similar load on wall structures as traditional rails do.
  • The system is steplessly adjustable, so you can select any shelf height and adjust it as you wish.
  • The bracket can be locked in place by placing a shelf against the wall rail or by using a separate locking screw.
  • The rails and brackets are made of powder-coated steel.

Product information

Load-bearing capacity250 and 350 mm brackets 120 kg, 450 mm bracket 110 kg (even load). The ultimate load-bearing capacity of the shelving system must be calculated case by case on the basis of shelf material. We recommend that the rails should not be a maximum of 800 mm apart.
Bracket depth250, 350, 450 mm.
Total height750, 1500, 2000 mm.
By orderShelves per project (chipboard with high-pressure laminate surface, shelf widths to be decided by the customer). Special colors on request (white is standard).

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