Four-door cabinet

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  • As the name indicates, the cabinet is divided into four compartments, making it easy to keep things apart.
  • For Standard solutions we have selected high-quality and most commonly used options in terms of dimensions and materials.
  • Custom solutions are always tailored to the customer´s needs..


DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-depth-height [mm]Standard depths d [mm]
Four-door cabinetK40-800-d-1850420 or 580
Four-door cabinet with framed glass doorsK40L-800-d-1850420 or 580


In addition to Standard solutions, we also implement furniture according to customer´s wishes. In Custom solutions, dimensions, materials and equipment are completely up to the customer.

Feel free to contact our experts and we will find suitable solutions together!


LockingAbloy-Classic furniture lock.
InstallationOn a steel plinth. We also recommend mounting the furniture on the wall.
MaterialsAccording to Standard collection or alternatively customized according to customer´s wishes (Custom).
ContentsEach part has 2 movable shelves as standard. Intermediate level at the seam between top and bottom doors.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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