• A module is an independent set of furniture with electricity and light fittings put in at the factor, delivered to the customer ready for use.
  • There is room at the back of the frame for building technology.
  • The desktop and overhead units are attached to the vertical rail, on which the Visu-Deco fitting profile enables stepless installation at any height.
  • A uniform surface to the full depth of the furniture enables the best possible user experience.
  • The indented desktop console improves ergonomics especially when sitting down.
  • A Visu module is also available with electrical adjustment. See more information about electric tables under Electric table.
  • Under-desk furniture is fitted onto the desk frame, leaving the floor clear, and the furniture can also be moved to a different position under the desk. The under-desk furniture can also be removed and placed under another desk.
  • The module can also be made in tailored sizes. Note The figures in the table below indicate the worktop dimensions.

Product information

DescriptionProduct code and standard depth [mm]Recommended widths [mm]Worktop height, [H, mm]Overhead unit height [mm]Additional information
ModuleRK1M-W-750-H900, 1200, 1500, 1800750–1200Usually 1400 (adjustment range 1200–2100)Worktops are also available with electric adjustment (750–1200 mm).


Installation methodFree-standing on the floor, adjustable legs standard. Note that desks with sinks must be secured in place.
MaterialsPowder coated steel.
WorktopWe offer a number of alternatives for worktop material. Read more about them under Worktop materials.
By orderOverhead units, electricity, lighting and faucets and sinks are designed and implemented according to need.

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