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Fanison, air ventilation control systems

The purpose of fume cupboards and extraction equipment is to protect users and the environment from harmful substances. In a traditional fume cupboard, air velocity at the opening varies depending on the position of the sash. It would be better to maintain a constant rate of flow (0.5 m/s) regardless of the sash position. A steady air flow can be obtained by integrating the Fanison control system into fume cupboards and the laboratory space. The undeniable benefits of the system include:

  • Better user safety
  • Significant energy savings, a learning system
  • Ease of use
  • Technically reliability and chemical resistance
  • Complete compatibility with Visu fume hoods

A leading system supplier, Fanison, has been manufacturing control systems for more than 20 years. The system’s applications include:

  • fume cupboards
  • extraction equipment, hoods and suction tables
  • laboratories
  • cleanrooms
  • industrial facilities

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