1 – drawer with an inner drawer

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  • Low drawers are dimensioned especially for electric tables to ensure that they fit under the desk when it is at its lowest position.
  • For Standard solutions we have selected high-quality and most commonly used options in terms of dimensions and materials.
  • Custom solutions are always tailored to the customer´s needs.


DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-depth-height [mm]Standard depths d [mm]*
1 – drawer L11-400-d-620550 or 580
1 – drawer with an inner drawerL12-400-d-620550 or 580
Low 1 – drawer
Inner drawer not included in the standard product.
*Standard depth according to the installation method: 550 mm for movable ones and 580 mm for fixed ones.


In addition to Standard solutions, we also implement furniture according to customer´s wishes. In Custom solutions, dimensions, materials and equipment are completely up to the customer.

Feel free to contact our experts and we will find suitable solutions together!


LockingAbloy-Classic furniture lock.
Installation Movable: fitted to the frame or on casters. Fixed: fitted on a steel plinth.
MaterialsAccording to Standard collection or alternatively customized according to customer´s wishes (Custom).
ContentsThe standard product includes one inner drawer (except in the low alternative).
CastorsThe unit can be equipped with castors (4 turning, of which 2 can be locked). The castors, together with the worktop, increase the height by 110 mm.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!


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