Microscope table

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  • Designed for microscope work requiring great precision.
  • The standard desk has electric adjustment. See more information about electric tables under Electric table. Electrical adjustment combined with the shape of the top provides the best possible ergonomics.
  • Under-desk furniture can be placed under wide desks. The furniture is fitted onto the desk frame, leaving the floor clear, and the furniture can also be moved to a different position under the desk. The under-desk furniture can also be removed and placed under another desk.
  • In addition to standard dimensions, we can also make tailored desks. Note The figures in the table below indicate the worktop dimensions.

Product information

DescriptionProduct code and standard depth [mm]Width [mm]Height, mm
Microscope tableRLM-W-600-S900-1800Electric height adjustment from 670 to 1320
RLM-W-800-S900-1800Electric height adjustment from 670 to 1320

Additional properties

Installation methodFree-standing on the floor, adjustable legs standard.
MaterialsPowder coated steel.
WorktopWe offer a number of alternatives for worktop material. Read more about them under Worktop materials.
By orderThe dimensions and location of the curved part can be tailored if necessary. Under-desk furniture is possible with wide desks.

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