Flexibility and quality in the laboratory

The design of the VISULab system is based on the changing needs of the laboratory and sustainable, high-quality products. The collection is the result of continuous development work and meets the needs of modern research. Our collection offers versatile and customizable furniture solutions, taking into account also cleanability and ergonomics.

On this page you can learn more about the features of the VISULab system.

VISULab Standard and Custom

Our specialty is to implement solutions tailored to the customer´s needs. The laboratories we equip are almost always unique entities, where different combinations of materials and furniture are realized. This is VISULab Custom.

As a starting point for design and to facilitate product selection, we have also created standard solutions which can be found by product on the Products tab, under laboratory furniture. For these VISULab Standard solutions, we have selected the highest quality and most commonly used options in terms of dimensions and materials, to suit most laboratory needs.

Modifiable system

In the VISULab system, under-desk furnitures are fitted on the table frame. This makes them easy and quick to move, replace and remove when needed. The furniture sets can therefor be modified later as storage needs change without the need for whole new furniture.

A similar system for upper cabinets is obtained by mounting them on the wall on a horizontal or vertical rail.

In the adjacent picture, the upper cabinets are part of the VISU module furniture, where the worktop and under-desk furniture are also attached to the vertical rail.

High quality down to the last detail

The mechanical and chemical resistance of our furniture is based on our decades of experience as a laboratory furnisher. Our products are designed to last. The target age of the furniture in professional use is at least 30 years.

We use only responsibly produced and indoor air safe materials in our products. This is evidenced by
the PEFC certificate and Finland’s strictest M1 indoor air classification approval.

The main material of the furniture is moisture- and load-resistant P5-class chipboard with a high-pressure laminate surface. In wide cabinets, the frames of the shelves are made from special board, ensuring excellent load-bearing capacity. The edges of the furniture are finished with abs strips. The backboard has a melamine surface on both sides.

The hinges and drawer mechanisms are of the highest quality on the market, which is why we are able to offer them a warranty that lasts the furniture´s entire service life.

For worktops our collection offers a wide range of options. More information about different materials can be found here. Chemical resistance tables are available from our experts.

The VisuLab system enables the connection of building services systems to the furniture structure.

The electrical and data plugs and LED lights integrated in the furniture make work easier and increase functionality.

The system is based on strong steel pipe frames, which can be dimensioned according to space and need. However, we recommend dimensioning the furniture to a specific modular size (e.g. 900, 1200, 1500 and 1800mm), in which case the modifiability is realized in the best possible way.

The sturdy welded structure of the frames minimizes gaps and seams that are difficult to clean.

All our workstations are available with electric height adjustment, which significantly improves work ergonomics, especially when several different users work in the same space.

The durability, functionality and appearance of the furniture are affected by many details.

Explanations of icons that describe various features are shown in the adjacent image.

Under the Products menu you will find more detailed information about all the products in our collection.

In addition to the products on the menu, we also manufacture a wide range of special solutions. Over the years, our team has designed many new variations, resulting in products that are completely customized for a specific application.

Feel free to contact us and we will design suitable solutions together!

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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