VISU – Medicine and medical equipment cabinets

Safe storage

  • Fully retractable doors in the VISU medicine cabinet, if necessary with a lock, free space for working.
  • Height-adjustable shelves that slide open, can be installed either horizontally or diagonally, making it easy to use the cabinet.
  • The medicine boxes are also available as an open solution, mounted on the wall.
  • Integrated interior LED lights increase working light.
  • The collection also include movable accessory baskets, box dividers, labelling and integrated drugs cabinets.
  • In addition to standard solutions, we can also make tailored furniture. Do not hesitate to contact us, our expert will be happy to design an ideal medicine room. The VISU laboratory furniture collection has more products that can be used for your medicine room. We also have fume hoods and microbiological safety cabinet.


Cabinets (standard dimensions)Width [mm]Depth [mm]Height, mmMedicine boxes [pcs]Doors
Overhead cabinets5004207004double doors
7004207004double doors
Under-desk cabinets (incl. surface and base)50062090041 door
7006209004double doors
High cabinets (incl. base)50062020009 + auxiliary surface1 door
70062020009 + auxiliary surfacedouble doors
90062020009 + auxiliary surfacedouble doors
Pharmacy cabinet (incl. base)30062020003 + 2 inner drawersdoor
40062020003 + 2 inner drawersdoor
Open shelves500370By order
700370By order
Drug cabinetsdepending on the furniture2502001 door
depending on the furniture2504001 door
The products are also available with tailored dimensions and accessories.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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