VISU Concept

Inspiring spaces for science and research

VISU laboratory furniture is developed together with users and is the answer to the needs of modern research now and in the future.

VISU offers flexible furniture solutions for various laboratory and hospital projects, and also for educational institutions. The collections VISULab and OppiLab are adjusted to customer´s needs.

Our experts will help you with both larger projects and simpler individual furniture purchases.

High-quality and durable

VISU laboratory furniture is manufactured from start to finish at our factory in Visuvesi, Finland. The high quality is guaranteed by the expertise of wood and metal work professionals, the company’s state-of-the-art machines and decades of experience.

The materials of the furniture are of high quality, fully recyclable and safe for indoor air. Thanks to the high quality, the expected service life of our furniture is at least 30 years.

You can read more about the features of the VISU laboratory furniture in the VISULab section. OPPILab collection desinged especially for science classrooms is based on our VISULab laboratory furniture collection. More information is found under OPPILab section.

Diverse range of products

In addition to laboratory furniture, our selection also includes fume cupboards and extraction equipment, microbiological safety cabinets, compliant chemical and safety cabinets, stainless steel furniture and ergonomic chairs.

Alongside to the standard collection, we also make furniture according to the customer’s wishes. Our wide range of products and materials offers a number of options for functional and individual furnishing.

More detailed information about our products is found on the Products tab.


What we need to start the design work is the architect’s or user’s general plan/ lists, which our experts will develop into finished furniture plans. The design takes place in close cooperation with the architect and the user’s representatives to ensure that the desired features and solutions for the space are realized in the best possible way.
Our experts know how to recommend just the right solutions, taking into account specific requirements and practical aspects.

Archicad objects from the collection are available for architects, you can find them in our Designers section.


Our comprehensive service also includes installation, guaranteeing the ready-to-use and functional furniture. The furniture can be delivered pre-installed with all building services, but the actual connections must be made by experts in the field. The furniture can also be ordered without installation, in which case our transport service will delivered it pre-assembled, according to the agreed schedule.

We are also happy to take care of the maintenance of our products throughout their life cycle.

Check out our VisuLab implementations:


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