VISU ProSpace

Walk-in fume cupboard

VISU ProSpace Fume cupboard enables the safe processing of harmful materials and gases.

  • Open to the floor – Width double doors under the sash. Inside you can place an equipment table with necessary dimensions and equipment. If needed, the castors of the equipment table are also fully lockable and adjustable legs.
  • High quality – Materials for professional use and finished design, almost maintenance-free.
  • Ergonomic – Clear and optimal design of details, electronic height adjustment if necessary.
  • Safe – The air suction is on the full width of the fume cupboard on upper and lower edge of the inner back wall.
  • Ecological – Designed and manufactured responsibly in Finland, made to last for decades.

VISU fume cupboards are always equipped according to the customer´s needs. Feel free to contact us and we will design suitable solutions together!

Product Information

Dimensions and materials
Standard widths900, 1200 and 1500 mm (if there are accessories in the side panel, wide is +100mm)
Worktop depth600 or 800 mm
Total depthca. 800 or 1000 mm.
Total heightSingle sash 2680 mm (possible to be limited),two-part sash 2350 mm.
Height adjustmentPossible table inside is available with manual or electrical height adjustment.
Worktop materialThe worktop material of possible table according to requirements, see Worktop materials.
Side wall materialsPowder coated aluminum, compact laminate, clear polycarbonate, polypropylene.
Back wall materialsPowder coated aluminum, compact laminate, polypropylene.
Front wallVertical laminated glass.
FramePowder coated steel.
DuctworkHigh-pressure laminate + back wall material.
According to the order
Internal storage4 pcs of back-wall rods made of acid-proof steel (Reservation for the back-wall rods is included automatically). Perforated shelves made of powder-coated stainless steel, available also with height adjustment.
SocketsIP21 or IP44, according to order, 4 pcs as standard, emergency stop.
Air flow control0-1 control switch with indicator light, reservation for automatic air flow control.
The most common equipmentTaps, a residual current circuit breaker.
Other additional propertiesFor example: EX-protection, ESD-classification, a hotplate, HEPA filter, hand-hatches, pass-through hatches, accessories in side panels. Ask more from our experts.

Additional technical information

Standard widths, [mm]90012001500Other dimensions are also possible.
Internal work area widths, [mm]828-8341128-11341428-1434Depending on side materials.
Air volume, [l/s]125170215The sash 300 mm open, 0,5 m/s inflow.
Standard lights, led W (lumen)10(1014)15(1425)19(2028)
Ventilation connection, [mm]200200250

Selection of suitable fume cupboard

See the table below to select different properties. We always equip the fume cupboards according to customers’ needs. Feel free to contact us, and we will design suitable solutions together!


VISU Pro Fume Cupboard selection table – EN

Delivery and installation

Walk-in Fume hoods are basically assembled on site, due to their large size. A fume cupboard must be connected to a separate exhaust air duct. The water supply, drainage, gas and electricity work must be performed by professionals. An automatic air flow alarm and control system can also be included in the delivery.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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