A comprehensive furnishing solutions for a science classroom

The OPPILab furniture collection is the result of the cooperation between Tevella Oy, specialists in learning, and Visu Kaluste Oy, a pioneer in laboratory furniture.

With OPPILab products, you will create a modern, enjoyable and adaptable science learning environment. OPPILab’s furniture is designed to withstand heavy loads and to suit different classrooms, teaching situations and students’ needs.

High-quality, durable

The collection is based on our VISULab laboratory furniture collection.

Special attention has been paid to the safety, ergonomics and durability of the learning environment. The materials of the furniture are of high quality, fully recyclable and safe for indoor air. Thanks to the high quality, the expected service life of our furniture is at least 30 years.

You can find more information about the features of the collection and the materials we use in the VISULab section.

Diverse range of products

The range is comprehensive: you get all the furniture, chemicals cabinets and fume cupboards needed in the classroom or teaching preparation room from a single supplier. Our collection also includes safety storage cabinets, teacher’s desks, weighing tables, extraction equipment, trays, transfer trolleys and many other special furniture and equipment for the science class.

You can find more detailed information about the products on the Products tab. Products specifically designed for the OPPILab collection can be found under OPPILab special products.

In the selections of our partner Tevella Oy, you will also find teaching and learning tools, student work series, small equipment and chemicals for the science class. See the entire selection at www.tevella.fi.

Our services from design to implementation

The entire science learning environment with preparation facilities and storage can be designed with OPPILab furniture.

The collection is freely modifiable without restrictive model solutions. It allows the designer and the user to design a learning environment that makes the most of the space available and supports a range of teaching and learning practices. Our experts will be happy to help you find the right solutions.

Archicad objects of the collection are available for architects, you can find them in our Designers section.

Our comprehensive service also includes installation, guaranteeing the ready-to-use and functional furniture. Building services connections must be carried out by specialists.

Check out our OPPILab implementations: