Upper cabinet

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  • In the upper cabinet with doors, the goods are protected from dust and the appearance of the space remains systematic and clean.
  • For Standard solutions we have selected high-quality and most commonly used options in terms of dimensions and materials.
  • Custom solutions are always tailored to the customer´s needs.


DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-depth-height [mm]
Upper cabinetY10-400-340-700
Upper cabinet with framed glass doorY10L-400-340-700
Upper cabinet with double doorsY20-800-340-700
Upper cabinet with double framed glass doorsY20L-800-340-700


In addition to Standard solutions, we also implement furniture according to customer´s wishes. In Custom solutions, dimensions, materials and equipment are completely up to the customer.

Feel free to contact our experts and we will find suitable solutions together!


LockingAbloy-Classic furniture lock.
InstallationDirect wall mounting, installation on a horizontal rail on the wall or mounting on a stand-alone piece of furniture such as one side island or module.
MaterialsAccording to Standard collection or alternatively customized according to customer´s wishes (Custom).
Contents2 movable shelves as standard.
By orderThe furniture is also available with electrical height adjustment. You can also choose sliding glass doors for an overhead cabinet with double doors. Ask more from our experts.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!


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