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  • Fume cupboard for student work preparation or student work.
  • Made of high-quality materials and components, ensuring long service life.
  • The air suction is on the full width of the fume cupboard on upper and lower edge of the inner back wall.
  • The fume cupboard has an optimally designed front edge, continuous handle and side profiles to optimize air flow.

Product information

Standard width900 and 1200 mm.
Worktop depth600 mm
Total depth750 mm
Total heightIn 2 parts: glass 2320 mm.
Worktop materialAcidproof steel.
Materials of sides and back wallPowder-coated aluminum. Available also with laminated safety glass.
Front wallThe standard product has a 2-part ergonomic diagonal, laminated glass sash, but a vertical glass is also possible.
Height adjustmentManual 750–900 mm.
Under-desk storageThe material for under-desk furniture is laminate-coated, moisture-resistant chipboard, and they can be connected to the fume cupboard’s exhaust air system. Fire safety under-desk cabinets are also available.
SocketsIP21, 4 pcs as standard.
Air conditioning0-1 IC switch or automatic IC control option.
TapsStandard equipment includes cold-water faucet that can be operated on the front panel, and a sink.

Additional technical information

The technical properties depend on the fume hood width.

Standard widths, [mm]9001200
Air volume, [l/s]125170The sash 300 mm open, 0.5 m/s inflow.
Standard lights, led W (lumen)10/(1040)15(1521)
Ventilation connection, [mm]200200

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