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Lightweight, high-pressure laminate surface VISU Easy table hood is suited for light working or to protect a device, for example.

  • The table hood can be placed on a worktop and be equipped with a surface and base.
  • Available with or without a front hatch.
  • The lightweight hood’s exhaust is at the top, and it is connected to machine air conditioning.
  • Table hoods are made to order.

Product information

Standard widths600, 900, 1200 and 1500 mm
Worktop depth526 or 726 mm.
Total depth600 or 800 mm.
Total height1231 mm without glass hatch.
Materials of sides and rear wallHigh-pressure laminate-coated, humidity-resistant chipboard.
Front wallVertical or diagonal glass hatch made of clear polycarbonate or laminated glass.
By orderWorktop, base, under-desk cabinets, sockets.

Additional technical information

The technical properties depend on the hood width.

Standard widths, [mm]60090012001500
Interior width, [mm]56286211621462Depending on side materials.
Air volume, [l/s]35-7054-10873-14592-183Hatch 250 mm when open, 0.25–0.5 m/s air flow.
Air conditioning pipe connection, [mm]160160200200

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Delivery and installation

Safety cabinets are delivered, if so agreed, installed in place, ready to be connected to building technology systems. A safety cabinet must be connected to a separate exhaust air duct. Any water supply, drainage, gas and electricity work must be performed by professionals.

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