VISU ProMist

Fume cupboard with scrubber

VISU ProMist fume cupboard with scrubber is well suited for handling strong water-soluble acids such as perchloric acid.

  • It contains a washing unit for the extraction duct, with a two-nozzle spray system and a pipe connection for the drain with a water seal.
  • The suction ducts are located both up and down.
  • Each fume cupboard is always equipped as requested by the customer. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right solutions.

Product information

Standard widths1200, 1500 and 1800 mm
Worktop depth600 and 800 mm
Total depthIn 1 part: glass 950 and 1150 mm; in 2 parts: glass 975 and 1175 mm.
Total heightIn 1 part: glass 2680 mm (can be reduced); in 2 parts: glass 2465 mm; in 2 parts glass without water separator 2320 mm.
Worktop materialPolypropylene, ceramic, epoxy resin, acidproof steel
Materials of sides and rear wallPolypropylene, solid laminate, clear polycarbonate, laminated glass.
Front wallVertical laminated glass.
FramePowder coated steel.
DuctsPolyethylene PE-HD.
Height adjustmentFixed 900 mm, manual 750–900 mm.
Internal storageReservation for stand rods, stand rods, 4 pcs, made of acidproof steel; perforated plate shelves made of acidproof steel, also available with height adjustment.
SocketsIP21 or IP44, as ordered, 4 pcs as standard, emergency stop.
Air conditioning0-1 IC switch with indicator light, availability for automatic air conditioning control.
By orderSinks, faucets, under-desk storage.
Other additional propertiesEX protection, leg space, residual current device, hot plate, hand hatches, pass-through hatches, side accessories, external panel on the back.

Technical information

The technical properties depend on the fume cupboard width.

Standard widths, [mm]120015001800
Air volume, [l/s]170215260Sash 300 mm open, 0,5 m/s inflow.
External fluorescent lamp, W367272
Interior width, [mm]1128-11341428-14341728-1734Depending on side materials.
Ventilation connection, [mm]200200250

Brochures and files

Our brochure is currently being updated, and will be added here as soon as possible. Before that, feel free to contact our experts for further information.

Selection of suitable fume cupboard

See the table below to select different properties. We always equip the fume cupboards according to customers’ needs. Feel free to contact us, and we will design suitable solutions together!


VISU vetokaapinvalintataulukko

Delivery and installation

Fume cupboards are delivered, if so agreed, installed in place, ready to be connected to building technology systems. A fume cupboard must be connected to a separate exhaust air duct. The water supply, drainage, gas and electricity work must be performed by professionals. In the delivery you can also include alarm and control systems for automatic air ventilation.

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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