Light, adjustable and protective

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VISU Top safety cabinet can be placed on a table.

  • Owing to the transparent sides and front glass, no separate light is required.
  • The sash can be adjusted to the desired height, with the suction working efficiently and any splashes remain inside. The sash is easy to operate owing to the counterweight mechanism.
  • The fume hood is always equipped as requested by the customer. Our experts will be happy to help you choose the right solutions.

Product information

Standard widths900, 1200 and 1500 mm
Worktop depth550, 650 and 750 mm
Total depth630, 730 and 830 mm
Total height1776 mm measured from the top of the base with the glass open.
Side materialsClear polycarbonate.
Front wallVertical or diagonal clear polycarbonate, polycarbonate.
Back wall materialsHigh-pressure laminate.
FramePowder coated steel / high-pressure laminate-coated, humidity-resistant chipboard, also available in metal only.
By orderStand rods, 4 pcs, made of acidproof steel; perforated plate shelves made of acidproof steel, also available with height adjustment, drying rack.

Additional technical information

The technical properties depend on the hood width.

Standard widths, [mm]90012001500
Interior width, [mm]82011201420Depending on side materials.
Air volume, [l/s]103140178The sash 250mm open, 0.5 m/s flow.
Air conditioning pipe connection, [mm]160200250

Delivery and installation

Safety cabinets are delivered, if so agreed, installed in place, ready to be connected to building technology systems. A safety cabinet must be connected to a separate exhaust air duct. Any water supply, drainage, gas and electricity work must be performed by professionals.

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