Draining rack

  • Our range includes draining racks with both fixed and changeable rods.
  • The material of model ETTB draining rack is PVC, rods polypropylene. The stable rods are individually placed into the holes of the draining rack and are clicked into place. Their positions can be changed at any time.
  • Using a combination of rods of three different lengths (60 mm, 100 mm and extension to 150 mm), the draining rack can be adapted to any item which is to be dried.
  • Model ETTA is made entirely of polypropylene. These racks are also available in tailored sizes. Ask more from our experts!

Product information

DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-height [mm]ModelAdditional information
Draining rackETTA-500-620A, fixed rodsContainment sump available on request.
ETTA-600-620A, fixed rodsContainment sump available on request.
ETTA-1000-620A, fixed rodsContainment sump available on request.
ETTB-500-500B, changeable rodsContainment sump included.
ETTB-600-600B, changeable rodsContainment sump included.
ETTC-280-312-450 (depth 312)C, worktop modelContainment sump included.

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