Polypropylene sink

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The collection includes a wide range of polypropylene sinks. The standard sizes are shown in the table below.

  • Polypropylene has excellent properties as a laboratory sink.
  • In addition to being resistant to chemicals, the softness of a polypropylene sink may help prevent items kept in it from being broken. For more information about the properties of polypropylene, see worktop materials.
  • A polypropylene sink can be installed from below on a polypropylene or solid laminate worktops and thereby not creating an edge around it that can make cleaning more difficult.
  • If necessary, a polypropylene sink can also be installed from above on a chipboard-based worktop.
  • An overflow valve is available as an accessory by order.
  • Tailored dimensions are also available.
  • If you are unsure about the suitability of the material, please contact our experts for more information.

Product information

DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-depth-height [mm] (depth measure horizontally)Sink color
Polypropylene sinkPPA-345-245-210Black
PPA-458-307-230Black, white
PPKA-238-94-185 (dripcup)Black
Sinks are also available in special sizes.

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