Customer promise, quality and environment

We keep our promise.
At the agreed time and price.

Customer promise

We keep our promise. At the agreed time and price.

We strive for the best solution for the customer by finding and suggesting different alternatives. We always design furniture that is safe and user-friendly.

We only use high-quality, environmentally friendly materials, and value domestic products. We give a guarantee to our work.

We keep the supplier chain low. We deliver and install our furniture ourselves and clean up afterwards. Responsibility runs through the entire project.

We also serve the customer after the project. We change, modify, add and renew according to the customer’s wishes. Every job is important to us.

Quality policy

Our quality policy is based on the customer’s needs and expectations, which we always aim to meet or exceed.

We monitor and measure the quality of our operations and are committed to continuously developing our work. Our quality policy creates a common foundation for the company’s operations.

Quality is created by the people. Therefore, the basic precondition for our operations is a competent and motivated staff.


ISO 9001 Management system certificate

Environmental policy

Environmental responsibility is reflected in our operations as continuous monitoring and development of goals, and investment in improving the environmental awareness of our personnel.

Our customers can be confident that the environmental impact of our product and service deliveries is minimized and constantly monitored.

The goal of our environmental program is to reduce both direct and indirect emissions to the environment from our operations. We are also committed to improving our energy efficiency.

We will achieve our goals in the following ways:

  1. By favoring the domestic products, i.e. by choosing locally produced ones whenever possible, reducing the transport emissions.
  2. We use responsibly produced raw materials and other materials when such are available.
  3. We sort and recycle our waste.
  4. We minimize packaging material and reuse it.
  5. We make our products long-lasting, which lowers the environmental impact as products do not have to be replaced frequently.
  6. To protect the environment and to ensure the health and safety of the employees, we use protective equipment and filters that comply with regulations.

We strive for energy efficiency in production and in our real property, and use renewable thermal energy.


ISO 14001 Management system certificate

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