A well-functioning workbench is the most important aspect when doing laboratory work. This page presents VISULab collection’s workbench alternatives and worktop materials.

Benefits of VISULab workbenches

  • The sturdy welded structure of the frames minimizes gaps and seams that are difficult to clean.
  • Frames can be placed one after another, thereby minimizing the number of legs. In practice, any number of worktops can be connected together to create workbench of any size.
  • Widths can be chosen freely or fitted into the desired modular system.
  • In modifiable VISULab systems, the under-desk furniture can be fitted onto the desk frame, off the floor. This solution allows furniture to be moved horizontally to any location under the desk. The furniture can also be removed and placed under another desk easily. All desk frames have the same system for fittings.
  • The VISULab system enables the connection of building services systems to the furniture structure.
  • Workbenches are always equipped to meet the customer’s needs.
  • The electrical and data plugs and LED lights integrated in the furniture make work easier and increase functionality.
  • All our workstations are available with electric height adjustment.

Feel free to contact us, we will design suitable solutions together!

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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