VISU EQ Equipment Station

Ergonomic and high-lifting capacity equipment station

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  • Ergonomic and high-lifting capacity equipment station for special needs.
  • Particularly well-suited for liquid chromatography.
  • The upper level, lower level, and optional additional level form a compact unit for equipment placement.
  • Electric height adjustment with 3 memory positions as standard.
  • The worktop comes with perforations for neat and safe routing of tubes.
  • Easily movable with locking casters as standard.
  • Acid- and chemical-resistant solid laminate worktops along with a streamlined design ensure easy cleaning.
  • For standard solutions, we have selected high-quality, commonly used dimensions and materials.
  • Equipment power cables and additional worktops are available as accessories; for more information, please refer to the features tab.
  • Custom solutions are always tailored to the customer’s needs.


DescriptionProduct codeStandard width [mm]Standard depth [mm]Adjustable electric column [pcs]Weight capacity [kg]Height [mm]
VISU EQ Equipment StationREQp-S6006001150Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S6007001150Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S6008001150Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S9006002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S9007002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S9008002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S12006002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S12007002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S12008002300Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S15006003450Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S15007003450Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S15008003450Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S18006003450Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S18007003450Adjustment range 620-920
REQp-S18008003450Adjustment range 620-920
Note. The figures in the table indicate the worktop dimensions.


In addition to Standard solutions, we also implement products according to customer´s wishes. In Custom solutions, dimensions, materials and equipment are completely up to the customer.

Feel free to contact our experts and we will find suitable solutions together!


InstallationFree-standing on the floor, locking casters as standard
WorktopsAcid- and chemical-resistant solid laminate
By orderAdditional worktops (RJ-T2): 400-600-250 mm, 600-600-250 mm
Outlets for devices: 5 pieces of IEC C13 device cables, and standard power cord to the electric outlet 1 piece of CEE 7/7

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!

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