2-hand mixer faucet with prewash shower

Mixer faucet fitted on level surface, with prewash shower (Product code: BREH-250)

  • 2-hand mixer faucet, with prewash shower and a 110° rotating spout.
  • The spring-equipped prewash shower is particularly handy when rinsing large items.
  • The 2-hand mixer faucet enables exact temperature presetting.
  • The horizontal dimension of the spout is 250 mm, with an aerator.
  • The faucet includes flexible 700 mm inlet tubes with 1/2″ female thread. Pressure-sleeve also possible.
  • The faucet’s special surface material is highly resistant to chemicals used in a laboratory.
  • Other dimensions of the faucet are also available, ask our experts.
  • In addition to level mounting, we recommend a supporting wall mounting.

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