More than a century of experience in making furniture

The roots of Visu’s furniture manufacturing go back to 1894, when Tampereen Höyrypuuseppä Karl K. Tallqvist started manufacturing special furniture. In 1924, the name was changed to Höyrypuuseppä Oy and among other projects, the company was involved in providing the interior to the Parliament Building. The factory started operating at its current location in Visuvesi in 1944, when the company’s owners founded Visuvesi Oy.

The manufacture of laboratory furniture began in the 1930s and 1940s, and the factory was commissioned to manufacture Finland’s first fume hoods type-approved by the Finnish National Board of Building. Visuvesi Oy quickly gained its place as the leading manufacturer of laboratory furniture in Finland due to its uncompromising quality.

In 2011, Suomenselän Jauhemaalaus Oy expanded its operations by purchasing the VISU furniture collection and production from Visuvesi Oy. Suomenselän Jauhemaalaus Oy had been cooperating with Visuvesi Oy for a long time in the manufacture and surface treatments of metal parts of high-quality laboratory furniture.

Synergy advantages on the same island

In 2015, Visu Kaluste Oy became a separate company, continuing to be owned by the same family, and focusing even more on developing the laboratory furniture collection. The furniture is still manufactured in close cooperation with Suomenselän Jauhemaalaus Oy and Suomen Levy Oy, which are located in the same industrial area.

Thanks to the acquisition of Fanison Oy in 2020, Visu Kaluste Oy can offer its customers not only laboratory furniture but also ventilation control systems for laboratories and clean rooms.

Inspiring environments for science and research

In line with our motto, our goal is to continue to create high-quality and modern laboratory environments for all our customers. We constantly invest in product development and develop our products and expertise, taking into account any specific aspects of the industry and the technological developments. It is important for us to bring ever-higher quality and more innovative products to the market for the needs of constantly evolving research and study.

In our family business, our operations are guided by the following core values: responsibility, inspirational, for you and renewable. We believe in professionalism and quality customer service, which we will stick to in order to maintain our reputation as a laboratory expert and reliable supplier.

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