Fume hoods

Planned together with users

Visu Kaluste has decades of experience in the manufacture of fume hoods. Our fume hood collection has been designed together with the users and built from beginning to end at our own factory in Visuvesi. This means that was can modify the products almost endlessly, meeting customers’ exact needs.

Designing a fume hood may, depending on its purpose, be a very demanding process. To ensure safe working, a fume hood must do optimally what it was designed to do, and the materials must withstand the materials used in it. High-quality and appropriate materials ensure that a fume hood will have a long and trouble-free service life even under demanding conditions. To achieve the best results, our expertise is at your disposal from the point we start the design work until it has been installed and ready for use.

  • See the table on the product page to determine the key properties.
  • Our experts will help you to select suitable properties.
  • The detailed plan and final properties of each fume hood will be discussed with the customer before manufacture.
  • Fume hoods are delivered, if so agreed, installed in place, ready to be connected to building technology systems. A fume hood must be connected to a separate exhaust air duct, and the water supply, drainage, gas and electricity work must be performed by professionals.
  • You can include in the delivery alarm and control systems for automatic air ventilation.

See more details about our fume hood models below. Feel free to contact us, and we will design suitable solutions together!

Feel free to contact us,
and we will design suitable solutions together!


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