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Data protection and cookies

We process data in accordance with data protection regulations, other legislation and this privacy policy. We regularly review our policies and update changes to this website.

Processing of personal data

Personal data is processed for marketing purposes and to communicate with customers and other partners, such as suppliers of goods.

The information stored in the register includes the company/organization, the person’s name, contact information (address, phone number, and email address), invoicing information, and other customer relationship information, such as quotes and orders.

Regular sources of information are information provided by customers and partners. Visu Kaluste Oy does not give other operators the right to access the information. Disclosure of information within the Group is possible. The data will not be disclosed outside the EU or the EEA. 

The electronic registry information is stored appropriately and confidentially on our own server, which is protected by a firewall and other necessary technical measures. The data may only be accessed by staff members who need it as part of their duties.

The persons in the register have the right to check what information is stored them. They also has the right to have incorrect information deleted or correct. The request must be made in writing to the registrar.


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Cookie policy

We use cookies on our website and store cookies on browsers or devices that visit our website. We also use other similar techniques and collectively refer to all of these as “cookies.”

We may change our cookie policies at any time. The “Last updated” information at the top of the page tells you when this cookie policy was last updated. Any change to the cookie policy will take effect as soon as the updated version is published on our website.

We call cookies set by our own websites “first-party cookies”, as described in our privacy policy. The “third party cookies” used by our website and the processing of the information collected through them are not described in our privacy statement, but in each third party’s own privacy policy.

We divide the cookies we use according to their purpose into 1) cookies necessary for the operation of the website, 2) cookies for measuring the performance of the website and providing a personalized user experience, and 3) cookies enabling targeted advertising.

You can prevent cookies from being stored by changing your browser settings.

Necessary cookies

Our websites need these cookies in order to function and enable basic functions, such as using the services while logged in or chatting with our customer service. These cookies do not store any information that can be used to identify individuals.

Crisp (first- and third-party cookies)

Crisp offers our website visitors the opportunity to chat with our customer service.

Joomla! (first-party cookies)

With the Joomla! publishing system, we provide visitors to our website with content that is displayed in a browser.

Performance measurement and user experience cookies

These cookies, which collect anonymous information, help us understand how our website is used. The aim is to improve the user experience and provide more relevant content for the user.

Google Analytics (first-party cookies)

Google Analytics cookies collect statistics about how visitors use our websites, using different terminals and marketing channels.

Google Forms (first-party cookies)

With Google Forms, we create forms to submit a contact request and publish content to visitors.

Mailchimp (first-party cookies)

With Mailchimp, we create forms to enable communication and publish content to visitors.

Advertising and targeting cookies

These cookies are used to understand the interests of visitors and to provide a more personalized and interesting experience. These cookies allow you to see advertisements of interest to you on third-party websites, based on what you have done on our website.

Segment (third-party cookies)

Segment is a tool with which we collect information about the use of our site, for example as part of the identification of products of interest.

Mixpanel (third-party cookies)

Mixpanel is a tool with which we analyze data to measure the impact of our site, and also the impact of website use and offered content.

Facebook (third-party cookies)

A social media tool we use to measure the impact of advertising and to create target audiences.

Twitter (third-party cookies)

A social media tool we use to measure the impact of advertising and to create target audiences.

LinkedIn (third-party cookies)

A social networking tool we use to measure the impact of advertising and to create target audiences.

YouTube (third-party cookies)

A video sharing service we use to measure the impact of advertising and to create target audiences.

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