Tampere University Teacher Training School, Tampere

The new physics and chemistry classrooms and laboratory at Tampere University Teacher Training School were furnished with OppiLab® products

The aim of the new curricula is to create a genuine interest in learning by providing more hands-on activities. To achieve this goal, school learning environments must be modern, inspiring and safe. Especially in the natural sciences, where different substances and chemicals are used in practical experiments, the importance of materials and conditions is emphasized.

Visu Kaluste has extensive experience in designing and providing the installations for professional laboratories, universities and research institutes. We had an interesting opportunity to work with the University of Tampere to equip the science classes of the Tampere University Teacher Training School. Together with the users, we chose the best materials in terms of chemicals, moisture and durability: solid laminate levels, high-pressure laminate frames, and polypropylene basins and trays. In addition, the school invested in professional-level fume hoods, chemicals cabinets and laboratory faucets.

The property has a spacious laboratory where students can safely do hands-on experiments. Adjacent to the laboratory, there is a classroom separated only by a glass wall, so the group can be divided if necessary: some students do the assignments while others continue to study theory. Occupational safety has been invested in not only with appropriate equipment and facilities, but also by reserving one area for the teacher for preparation work. In addition to a fixed fume hood, safe storage of chemicals is arranged.

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