Invoicing instructions

We use e-invoicing.

If your company cannot send e-invoices or send invoices to our e-mail billing address, you can post us your paper invoices and we will scan them. We will not receive invoices at our visiting address. Please note that only invoices and their attachments should be sent for scanning. No other material (such as receipts, business gifts, credit cards or admission tickets) will be processed through the scanning service. When sending invoices to the scanning service, either by e-mail or post, make sure that the address of the scanning service correct on the invoice (and the envelope). Otherwise, the processing of the invoice in our system may be delayed for several days.

Our billing addresses are:

Visu Kaluste Oy, Business ID 2663577-6

 1. E-invoices
E-invoice address: 003726635776
Operator: Maventa
Broker ID: 003721291126
2. Invoices are accepted by e-mail, and then scanned

Invoices must have the following address information:

Visu Kaluste Oy
PL 100
80020 Kollektor Scan

Invoices should be sent as e-mail attachments in PDF format (max. 5MB per file) to:

If the invoice contains attachment pages, these must be in the same file as the actual invoice.

3. Service for scanning paper invoices

The invoice and envelope must have the following address:

Visu Kaluste Oy
PL 100, 80020 Kollektor Scan

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