Otaniemi High School

Interaction and development of science skills

Designed together with the teachers, the most suitable furniture solutions were chosen that take into account the needs and requirements of different subjects.

Otaniemi High School was given a ‘Jälki’ development assignment in natural sciences by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The aim is to promote, for example, cooperation between higher education and the working life field of natural sciences, to make the study of science and technology more attractive and to promote good practices.

High-quality, adaptable and ergonomic OppiLab® furniture was chosen for the school’s science learning environments. Together with the teachers, the furniture solutions best suited to their intended use were designed, taking into account the needs and requirements of different subjects.

The fume hoods were equipped with automatic air conditioning control, which enables efficient energy savings in the property and safe and proper ventilation of the fume hood.

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