Hiltulanlahti school

The new Hiltulanlahti school in Kuopio is a life cycle project

Hiltulanlahti school in Kuopio equipped with multifunctional facilities suitable for creating art, and fittings for environmental studies.

In the life cycle model, the builder is contractually responsible for maintenance and user services, and usually the service period is a few decades. Visu Kaluste supplied Hiltulanlahti school with OppiLab® fittings for art multifunctional facilities and environmental studies. The products are designed to withstand heavy loads: the frame warranty of the furniture we manufacture is 30 years, and e.g. the box mechanisms have a lifetime warranty. In addition, in line with Visu Kaluste’s customer promise, we are committed to serving our customers in the long term: the furniture is easy to change, modify, add and renew even after the project.

The Hiltulanlahti school was equipped with a lot of different storage furniture: tray cabinets, transfer trolleys, drawing box sets, drying cabinets for drawings and glass display cases. In addition, the surface treatment room was equipped with a paint fume hood and a ventilated b paint drawing cabinet and an air-conditioned paint cabinet.

Polypropylene Gratnells trays and boxes were chosen because of their durability and versatility. The wide range of colors available can be used to, for example, keep items in order on the basis of color. The trays can be transferred from one piece of furniture to another and they are also compatible with the transfer trolleys.

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