VISU Greenline+ is an unprecedented operating system for fume cupboards. It is an innovation that revolutionizes the energy efficiency of fume cupboards and sets user safety to a completely new level.

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Visu Kaluste Oy is a Finnish family business from Visuvesi, Pirkanmaa. We manufacture high-quality laboratory furniture and fume hoods for laboratories, healthcare and educational institutions.

Our factory works with long-term experience and Finnish professionalism. We offer a comprehensive service, which, if necessary, also includes the design and installation of furniture, always taking into account the customer’s special needs.

Quality furniture to the classroom and laboratories


Flexible, durable and functional work environments created with Finnish furniture

VISULab is a collection of laboratory furniture developed together with users and designed to withstand high loads and demanding conditions. Our comprehensive collection offers versatile furniture solutions for various laboratory, hospital and research environments. Our expertise is at your disposal in both large projects and individual furniture purchases.

Our collection includes not only furniture but also fume cupboards and extraction equipment, microbiological safety cabinets, chemical and safety cabinets that meet the requirements, stainless steel furniture and ergonomic office chairs. In addition to the standard collection, we also make furniture according to the customer’s wishes.

Feel free to contact us, and we will design suitable solutions together!



Fully equipped science classroom

With OPPILab products, you create a modern, enjoyable and adaptable science learning environment. OPPILab furniture is designed to withstand heavy loads and to suit different classrooms, teaching situations and students’ needs. Special attention has been paid to the safety, ergonomics and long service life of the learning environment.

In addition to furniture, our collection also includes fume cupboards, various chemicals cabinets, teacher’s desks, demo tables, transfer trolleys and other special furniture and equipment needed in a science classroom.

Feel free to contact us, and we will design suitable solutions together!


Why choose Visu?

High-quality Finnish laboratory furniture

Electrically adjustable and modifiable solutions guarantee an ergonomic working position. All of our workstations are available with electric height adjustment, including the fume hoods.

The mechanical and chemical durability of our furniture is based on our decades of experience as makers of laboratory furniture. Our products are designed to last: the target life of furniture in professional use is at least 25–30 years.

VISU laboratory furniture is created with Finnish expertise in Visuvesi, Pirkanmaa.

We strive to offer our customers only the best and invest in product development. As a pioneer in the field, we take pride in constantly developing our collection.

We favor domestic products and choose a locally produced option whenever possible. Responsibility is present throughout the production and supply chain.

In addition to our standard collection, we also make furniture according to the customer’s wishes. We strive for the best solution for the customer by discussing different possibilities and options. 

From these we are known for

“Visu Kaluste was able to change plans very quickly – although we know
that probably caused some arrangements at the factory. It was very nice to work with them.”

Viveka Ehrnstén, Production Manager, Medix Biochemica

“The dealings with Visu Kaluste worked smoothly, I give a grade of 5 on a scale of 1-5.
I recommend Visu Kaluste’s products and services specifically on the basis of reliability and quality.
It was nice to see that the supplier had the will to find out and solve even the small needs for change identified during the implementation! ”

Tarmo Havunta, Developer Manager, Aalto University

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