Announcement of Visu Kaluste’s acquisition of Fanison on January 7, 2020

Visu Kaluste Oy acquired the entire share capital of Fanison Oy in late 2019. Both companies and their personnel will continue to operate as their own entities, as before.

With the acquisition, Visu Kaluste will be able to offer its customers a new type of comprehensive service like no other company in Finland, while bringing significant synergy benefits to the operations of both companies. The goal is cost efficiency and making things easy for the customer, says Visu Kaluste’s CEO Mikko Harmanen. In addition, Fanison also serves its customers directly, as before, adds Jouko Eloranta, Fanison’s CEO.

Founded by Jouko Eloranta and Kari Kakkonen, Fanison Oy is a pioneer of laboratory and clean room ventilation control systems in Finland. Today, Fanison operates internationally and is the leading system supplier in its field in Finland.

Visu Kaluste Oy is a Finnish family company with decades of experience in furnishing laboratories and manufacturing fume cupboards. Visu Kaluste also imports laboratory products, offering its customers total solutions. The internationalizing Visu Kaluste is a pioneer in its field and a market leader in Finland.

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