Pharmacy cabinet

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  • A pharmacy cabinet is a storage solution that saves space.
  • The cabinet has a mechanism that pulls the drawers out as the door is opened.
  • The mechanism is very handy if the cabinet is placed between two workstations or next to a fume hood, because all items in it can be accessed from either side.
  • A ventilated cabinet suitable for storing chemicals is found in the table under the name of reagent cabinet.
  • Materials, handles and mechanisms are selected according to the quality category (Basic, Pro or Premium). Our experts will help you choose the right quality category. Read more about the quality categories here.
  • A pharmacy cabinet can also be made in tailored sizes. By special order, you can also have boxes and mechanisms with no metal parts.

Product information

DescriptionProduct code and standard dimensions width-depth-height [mm]
Pharmacy cabinetK15-300-580-1850
Reagent cabinet

Ventilation pipe connection ø 125 mm. Equipped with the necessary warning signs.


LockingAbloy-Classic furniture lock, re-keyed if necessary.
Installation method On top of a base, required wall mounting.
MaterialsMaterials, handles and mechanisms according to quality class (Basic, Pro or Premium).
Contents3 drawers that open as the door is opened, with 2 inner drawers in between. All boxes in a reagent cabinet also have polypropylene drain trays.

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